Whether you’re a big fan of coasteering, or you have never tried it before, during your adventure holiday in Connemara, you’ll have the opportunity to explore some of Ireland’s most beautiful coastlines.

If you’re looking for staycation ideas and would benefit from getting out and in amongst nature, a coasteering adventure holiday will allow you to experience a whole host of natural discoveries.
From learning more about the blue seas you’ll be plunging into, to exploring the cliffs you’ll be jumping off, the team at Real Adventures are dedicated to providing the full adventure holiday experience.

If you’re excited to get closer to nature after spending months cooped up indoors as a result of lockdown, book your outdoor holiday in Connemara, today.

Exercising in the great outdoors

As with all the activities we provide on our adventure holidays, coasteering will not only allow you to explore the beautiful surroundings and gorgeous views that Connemara has to offer, but will give you the opportunity to challenge your body, and exercise in a way you may not have done before.

Coasteering combines climbing, walking, clambering, swimming – it offers the full package! What better way to explore your body’s capabilities than when it is immersed in some of the most beautiful natural areas.

Learn about the Connemara coastline

From the varying cliff formations, to the open waters you’ll get to swim in, our qualified instructors are highly knowledgeable, and passionate about the breath-taking coastlines of Connemara.

They’ll be able to share their wisdom, whilst instructing you on how to enjoy coasteering safely, and in a way that doesn’t impact the landscape.

Not only will you be testing your body during your coasteering adventure holiday, you’ll be able to take home snippets of information and fun facts about the Connemara coastline.


If flora and fauna is something that you’re keen to explore during your adventure getaway, coasteering is one of the best ways to do it.

The cliffs, caves, seas and skies are home to many plants and creatures that you will have full opportunity to try and spot your adventure holiday, especially here in Connemara.

Our friendly instructors will guide you throughout the activity, teaching the group how to respect and traverse along the coastline without impacting its natural environment and habitats.

Book your coasteering adventure holiday today

Whether you’re hoping to immerse yourself in great natural spaces, or you’re keen to challenge your body and try something new, why not combine the two with a coasteering adventure holiday in Connemara?

To enquire about booking your getaway, or for more outdoor holiday ideas, please get in touch with the Real Adventures team today. Give us a call on 085 1462526, send an email to realadventures.ie@gmail.com or use our online contact form to send us a message.