Clifden after dark Lowry’s  Where to find the craic! Lowry’s is a true Irish pub, warm, inviting and full of characters. You won’t be standing on your own here for long. You’ll be pulled into the banter and the music. Locals always have [...]


Out and about in Connemara The great outdoors is our playground. We’re blessed to live in between the mountains and the sea. There’s adventure to be had everywhere you turn. Hiking, beaches and great cycling. It’s crowd free and cost free! [...]

Shopping in Connemara

There’s a massive selection of boutiques and local shops in the Connemara area. Most of these are located in Clifden Town. All are independent shops and family run businesses. Many of which can be traced back several generations. You’ll find everything from local crafts, ceramics, fine art, fashion, wooly jumpers, hand weaving, outdoor sports [...]

Connemara for food

With it’s hundred miles of coastline, it’s no wonder that seafood features strongly on all menus. You won’t find better oysters or mussels anywhere else in the world. They grow right on our doorstep in some of Europe’s cleanest waters. Local producers are passionate about their produce and the local restaurants work tirelessly to showcase these [...]