Nine useful habits for New Year

  • Nutrition: Fast once every fortnight to give your body a break from food and reduce calorie intake. It sounds difficulty but it’s actually quite easy to do.  Have your evening meal at 7pm the night before, skip breakfast and lunch, drink plenty of water and eat again at 7pm the next night.

  • Sleep: Remove electrical items from your room. Especially mobile phones. Replace your alarm clock on your phone with a real clock and keep your mobile phone in another room.

  • Productivity: Remove social media apps from your phone and try to get a least an hour outside each day.

  • Focus: People think that multi-tasking is a great way to accomplish goals quicker, and to get two or three things done at once, multi-tasking is actually harmful to your concentration.

  • Happiness: Get outside. I am firm believer that any time in the outdoors is going to have a massive effect on your happiness so do what you can to spend time in the outdoors.

  • Fitness:  Take up a hobby that you enjoy so that physical exercise becomes less like a chore and more like something you crave in your free time.

  • Finance: Set up a separate savings account and a standing order with a small amount going into it each week. It feels like a waste of time in the beginning but after a short while you’ll be happy you did.

  • Charity: Donate any clothes that you haven’t worn in the last two years to a charity. This has two benefits, you’ll be creating more space at home and helping others at the same time

  • Environment: Write down 12 items of plastic that you use in your daily life and each month eliminate of one of the items.