More and more brides-to-be are straying from the idea of just a night out for their hen party, because you can have a night out on any weekend. Instead, they’re drifting more towards experiences, adventure days, and real memory-making moments that will be with them forever, and then of course going for drinks! Ireland is always a popular place for hen parties, but if you’re looking for a real experience like no other, then you might like the adventure days out that Real Adventures has to offer in Connemara…


Coasteering is fun for all of your hens, because we can almost guarantee that you’ve never done it before. We take you out onto Ireland’s west coast to do some wild swimming in the sea, climbing on the coastal rocks, and jumping off them into the sea. You’ll be climbing over the rocks and exploring the coastline of Ireland whilst taking dips into the sea from jumping heights and swimming through the shallows and hidden pools that only our guides know if. Why not make the bride jump first, or inspire the Maid of Honour to take the plunge before anyone else! Coasteering in Connemara is great fun and we know all of the right coves and pools to take you to.


Sunset Kayaking

Sunset kayaking is exactly what it says on the tin, and is a lovely way to round off a hen party weekend in Connemara. By taking you out onto the open Irish sea in the evening, we’ll gather all of your hen party members in one spot to watch the sunset from your kayaks on the water. Of course, we’ll do a little paddle about first in the coves and hidden bays, but the real cherry on top is the setting sun. This is one of the nicer hen party ideas we’ll share, because it may not be the adrenalin-pumping experience that coasteering is but it is a lovely opportunity to share a tender moment with your closest hens.


Rock Climbing and Abseiling

Hen party ideas like rock climbing and abseiling in Connemara are another second-to-none experience that is sure to bring giggles to you all. We have different levels of wild climbs (no climbing walls here – it’s all using nature’s own rock formations!) to suit your group’s abilities so everyone can join in. Once you reach the top, you’ll abseil back to the ground to your waiting hens before they attempt the climb too. This is a super-exciting activity guaranteed to excite everyone, even if they don’t realise it at first.


The Connemara Town Centre

Okay, we concede, this might be a little bit typical, but a night out in this Irish town is not to be snubbed after a jam-packed adventure day. Connemara is home to plenty of traditional Irish pubs and whiskey bars as well as live music venues and is a truly authentic Irish town. We know you haven’t had a night out like Connemara can offer, because you’ll be experiencing a real Irish town with all its rich culture and character. As far as hen party ideas and things to do in Connemara go, a night out should always feature pretty highly up the list.


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