With all the uncertainty surrounding the world of travel in current times, you may be looking for a more secure way to take a holiday.

Staycations are a great way to take a break from day-to-day life, get away from home without the need to travel all that far. A holiday in Ireland is a great way to experience somewhere new and try some adventurous activities, without the stress of having to rely on expensive air travel.

Real Adventures has so many exciting outdoor activities on offer – whether your staycation holiday in Ireland is for your family or friends, if you’re seeking adventure, we have something for you. Here are some of our ideas to make sure your Irish adventure get-away is as thrilling as possible.

Thing to do in Connemara

Connemara is one of Ireland’s best outdoor activity hubs, making it the perfect location for your adventure holiday.
At Real Adventures, we aim to provide the opportunity for our visitors to experience outdoor activities they may not get to try elsewhere. Connemara has plentiful natural caves and waters to explore, and we offer a wide range of activity experiences to make sure your adventure get-away is as jam-packed as possible.

Take a look at our full list of Outdoor Activities. Your Irish adventure holiday could include:
⦁ Kayaking
⦁ Coasteering
⦁ Surfing
⦁ Rock Climbing
⦁ Abseiling
⦁ Hiking


It’s amazing once you realise that you don’t need to travel far at all to experience all that Connemara has to offer. A staycation in Ireland will be very fulfilling – whether you’re hoping to visit as a family, a special get-together with friends or as an outdoors couple’s retreat, Connemara has something for everyone.


Why Choose Real Adventures?

As part of your adventure holiday experience we will be taking you off the beaten track and we will show you the wild and wonderful parts of Connemara that many never get the chance to see.

Our team of qualified guides and instructors will ensure that not only will you have the most fun on your adventure get-away, but that you feel safe and secure whilst doing so.
You may think you need to travel far to experience a real adventure, but here at Real Adventures, we aim to prove that you really don’t! A staycation in Ireland can be just as thrilling as flying miles and miles away, just without the added stress of spending a fortune and having to navigate the travel industry in these confusing times.


Get in Touch

If you’re ready to start planning your adventure holiday in Connemara, get in touch today to avoid disappointment! Whether you’re keen for cave kayaking, or excited to try coasteering – whatever you wish to take away from your Irish staycation, Real Adventures have something for everyone.
Contact us by giving us a call on +353 (0)85 1462526, email realadventures.ie@gmail.com, or use the online form to make an enquiry.
We look forward to helping you make your staycation one to remember.